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Benjamin 397

Benjamin 397 Air rifle
Review entered on 2013-04-18 14:42:27

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By Louis from USA on 2013-04-18
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Things I liked: The air gun looks nice, with a light and compact stock that mimics a fine rifle.

Things I would have changed: Make the barrel 21 inches long, place the rear sight on the back the air gun not the middle. Put a proper Williams peep sight with a tapered tip, gold dot and full hoop at the end of the barrel as stock. The stock sights on this air gun currently are unacceptable. Greatly taper the end of the rifle so the current thick slab of metal at the end of the rifle as 'sights' do not block the target. I tried the Williams peep sight and it made the air gun a little more useful. The trigger pull is very heavy and throws off the aim. Reduce it to 5 pounds or less.

What others should know: It is unable to hit a target at 50 meters on peep-sights with .25" groupings. This air gun fails in all regards in this price range. Too much cost cutting in production greatly hinders any precision and accuracy as an air rifle. The stock sighs are pathetic and will never hit .25 inch circle at 15 yards. With the Williams Peep sight accessory it can hit a half-inch target at 24 meters. That is until it breaks. Mine lost all it power without warning and misses with every shot. Pellet drop at 16 meters is about an inch at six pumps. The trigger pull is heavy, it has the side-effect of throwing off the aim as the light stock lacks the recoil of a spring piston. Why is the Williams peep sight not included with this air rifle as stock? The stock sights are useless.