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Gamo Varmint Hunter Kit, 4x32 Rifle Scope, Laser & Flashlight

Gamo Varmint Hunter Kit, 4x32 Rifle Scope, Laser & Flashlight
Review entered on 2010-01-31 04:40:57

3.0 3.0

3.0 3.0

By Wayne from USA on 2010-01-31
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Things I liked: I like the way both the laser and flashlight are mounted on the same bracket. I also like the idea of mounting both momentary switches on the stock parallel with the pistol grip. That way with my thumb is in the thumbhole and I can click the laser swithch. My pointer finger is on the trigger and my middle finger is wrapped around the pistol grip, making it easy initiate the flashlight switch. Gun shoots great and the suppression works wonderful. It took a bit more than I expected to set the laser and sights, but it set up fine.

Things I would have changed: I had a problem with the flashlight. almost immediately it started acting intermittent with the momentary switch. After a couple of times it just went dead. I inspected the leads and found the red lead had detached from the rear flashlight cap...I looked closer and realised that their was no strain relief or exterior potting to reinforce the exit area and prevent tne wire from pulling out. So, I thouight I'd just resolder it...well,its pins are kinda potted and not user friendly. So, I went back to the push button cap swich which worked for a few days and the light also went out. Afterchecking everything, the bulb had burned out. A very disappointing experience that although they are accessories, it seriously impacts on the gun performance when hunting at night

What others should know: I would highly recommend that you get some kind of silicone sealant and put a glop on the endcaps where the momentary switch leads exit. Furthermore, dress your leads so that there is the least amontt of strain on the ends. Also I couldn't get a parts list number for the bulb. Just for fun I checked the price for the momentary switch...about $8 from Gamo but the minimum shipping to Hawaii was abou $35 NOT A GOOD DEAL!! You could send it USPS mail at a fraction of the cost. Anyway, I wrote to GAMO and want to see if they will cover this under their warranty and make me a happy customer. Then I'd rate it higher (literary blackmail? No, customer satisfaction when dealing with GAMO and a corresponding review of what the total package performance would have been if the gun and its accessories were working as intended. I'll keep you posted on GAMO's reply....I bought the Whisper VH on 11/19/2009 and its only been a little over 2 months.