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Customer Reviews by Anymouse from USA

BAM B26-2 Air Rifle

Xisico BAM B26-2 Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2009-12-11 17:54:35

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5.0 5.0

By Anymouse from USA on 2009-12-11
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Things I liked: Beautiful gun, good workmanship. Even finish (bluing and stain). Accuracy is superb - 1/2 in groups at 25 yds with the right ammo (RWS Proline Meisterkugeln). Trigger is decent and adjustable, can be tuned for ultra-precise, crisp let-off. Very easy cocking effort for amount of power in the gun - significantly easier than RWS/Diana 34P that throws pellets the same speed. Strong enough to pass pellets right through grey squirrels at 20-25 yds.

Things I would have changed: Trigger needs some tuning for those who demand ultra-high, light, crisp performance. Stock, as noted, is too high and must be re-shaped. Gun seems picky about pellets. Crossman Premiers get puked up like the barrel is bent. Beeman Lasers aren't much better. Beeman Kodiaks are slightly better, and JSB Diabolo Exacts shoot very well. The RWS Meisterkugelns shoot like a dream - pellet on pellet accuracy at least 25 yards out. 1/2 in groups with slight wind. On a dead calm day I bet they would shrink.

What others should know: Have not had a chance to do lots of shooting at >25 yds yet. I suspect group sizes will grow more with distance, as there is a little more variation in pellet speed than other guns in the same 'class' (e.g. RWS/Diana 34P noted above). However, the class is populated by guns $100 more expensive and up - this gun is definitely a very talented freshman playing on the varsity team. As the gun has no open sights, a scope must be mounted. Do yourself a favor and get a good scope for it ($100-150 range) because the gun will perform up to that level. This is an entry-level price for a high-quality gun, especially when tuned. I would give 6 stars value-for money if I could. Chronograph testing listed above by P.A. is spot on - results in about 14.0-14.3 ft-lbs energy (measured at 10') across various weight pellets. Using 14 ft-lbs and weight of the pellet in grains, you can back out a very accurate number for expected pellet velocity for whatever weight/speed combination suits you. Please note: contrary to some other reviews, the safety IS ABLE to be re-activated after it is taken off. Safety is activated at the end of the cocking stroke just after the spring catches. To re-safety, simply break the barrel and 're-cock', which will not affect the spring (still cocked and held from first stroke) but will re-enable the safety.