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Customer Reviews by Jeff from USA

Colt Defender BB Pistol

Colt Defender BB Pistol Air gun
Review entered on 2011-04-01 21:15:41

3.0 3.0

2.0 2.0

3.0 3.0

By Jeff from USA on 2011-04-01
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4.01 rating

Things I liked: semi auto, metal construction, the look and feel

Things I would have changed: make it a single action also, lighten the trigger pull as it's difficult to hold the gun steady when you have to sqeeze hard to make it fire.

What others should know: I spent about an hour today shooting this gun and the Crosman C41 with my Dad and he has a chronograph which measures FPS. Neither one of these guns shoots bb's at the speed they claim, according to this particular chronogragh, which my Dad says he believes is accurate because he use to have another one also and he set them both up, one behind the other, and they both registered the same speeds. The fastest this Colt shot a BB was 372 fps and the average speed for the first five shots was 369 fps. The Crosman wasn't much better at 389 fps. Both guns stayed in 350 to 370 range until they ran out of gas. He also had an old Crosman Auto Air 2 that is quite cheap, made out of plastic mostly and no longer for sale but it actually out shot both the more expensive guns. It shot at 413 fps the first shot but then dropped down to around 360 or so after about 20 shots and stayed there until the cartridge died.

Crosman C11 CO2 BB Gun

Crosman C11 CO2 BB Gun Air gun
Review entered on 2013-01-21 22:44:22

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

3.0 3.0

By Jeff from USA on 2013-01-21
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2.01 rating

Things I liked: Power

Things I would have changed: Better quality mag release, co2 cover handle

What others should know: I've had this gun for almost a year and have shot 2400+ bb's through it. The mag release broke after about 6 months so I took it apart and found there's a little plastic tab that broke that fits in the spring slot which the coil spring pushes against, which in turn returns the mag release button back to it's "hold" position, meaning hold the magazine up in position. The tab is about the size of a pencil lead, I super glued it and it's been working fine. Don't know how long it will last, it took a couple hours to figure out how to put it back together as it all kind of falls apart once you open it up. It has 5 different coil springs in it. I to had some problems with leakage when loading a cylinder but have found that if you hold the gun in your left hand by the barrel with the right side of the gun down when piercing a cylinder with the screw mechanism it works great, I haven't had any leaks at all doing it that way. I've had experience with 4 other co2 guns (Colt Defender, S&W R8, Walther CP99 Compact, Crossman C41) and this gun shoots as hard on the chrony as the C41 (450-480 fps, depending on temps), which is rated slightly higher @495 fps, and harder than the other more expensive ones. For a bottom dollar gun it kicks butt in the power dept. As for accuracy, a smooth bore is basically spitting out knuckle balls, so outside of 20 feet it's all over the place. My S&W R8 is much more accurate, but less powerful (420 fps at best).