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Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Combo

Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Combo Air rifle
Review entered on 2008-01-18 08:25:07

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5.0 5.0

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By sgtmeatsauce from USA on 2008-01-18
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Things I liked: Quality, low weight, sights, balance, quiet, powerful, easy to cock

Things I would have changed: deserves better scope, better trigger

What others should know: The rifle arrived double boxed and undamaged in a brown cardboard box with little fanfare or ornament. Opening the brown box was the Gamo packaging complete with a multicolor striking advertisement of all the wonderful features the Whisper has to offer. After taking everything out and checking for damage, I quickly read the dismal instructions. Very generalized, not rifle specific and nearly useless. I then read over the scope instructions, which later I found out was the best part of the scope. I then made haste and set up my makeshift pellet trap that I devised just for this day when my new Gamo Whisper would arrive. (Essentially a hastily concocted cardboard box filled with old magazines taped shut and with computer generated and printed by me target sheets of Mini Bin Laden figures, bull-eyes of different sizes and black mini animals-oh what fun!) I was using RWS Superdomes 8.3gr pellets. I chose these because it was the only good quality pellets my local store had. Matter of fact it was the only can of .177 pellets they had at all. Nevertheless, weighing my options, it was a good choice overall. I think 1000 fps rifles like the heavier weight pellets, but what do I know that I had not already read somewhere. Now lets shoot this rifle. 1st thing I noticed was the easy cocking action. Next I noticed a ton of grease around the barrel opening, which I surgically wiped off. I then cleaned all residues away from the barrel openings and breech area. I though I read how it was so very important to keep oil away from those important areas and out of the barrel, but here was my brand new rifle chock full of the stuff? Not having a barrel-cleaning device, which at the time I had not purchased yet, I loaded up a superb RWS quality pellet. I stuck it into the barrel facing the proper way and noticed a nice tight fit with the rear cup area of the pellet fully flush with the barrel lip. Nice uniformity and exacting like fit. I closed up the break barrel, checking for looseness or play while rifle is cocked, finding none I took off the safety and prepared to fire. That's when the 1st problem came about. I have never used these fancy newfangled fiber-optic sights. I did not know what sight picture I was suppose to see. I have only used scopes or the old-fashioned V ramp adjustable rear and blade Bead front sight. So I activated the safety feature on the rifle and proceeded to re-study the Gamo instruction book. Not only did it not even mention having high quality fiber-optic sights on the rifle or how to use them, but also it said, "Your Gamo air rifle comes with the scope mounted and bore sighted." Which is not the case. So I shot at my little target the best I could. I shot twice, which at 15 yards was way off. I did notice a burnt oil smell immediately after firing both times. After the two quick shots and trying to toy with the sights I decided to forego that route until I know what I am doing and just put on the scope. I followed the long-winded pamphlet like instruction book, that again was generic and very basic (but complete in various languages!) The scope itself seemed a decent quality, mounted easily and made the rifle look mean and sinister. My pet name for the rifle is "Sinister Black." He heh It took quite awhile to sight in the rifle; I was almost convinced the clicks did nothing as it took nearly 40 clicks to get on paper. I rechecked the scope install; the mount had the proper gaps, eye relief, was correctly aligned and facing the right way. If it was up to me I would have bought the rifle without the scope and put what I want on it at a later date. I like the A1 Optic Halo sight or the Aim Point reflex sight. Shooting the rifle was fun. The rifle has a natural balance area right in front of the trigger(at least with the scope on) and has a little oblong bump that fits oh so nice down the natural middle groove of my palm. Kinda cool, like it was made for me. The shot is not loud at all, not even in the house. My Crosman 2100 Classic (BB 755fps) pumped up the max of 10 times was significantly louder. On the Whisper nearly no explosive air sound at all to the shooter. However there is quite a mechanical Thunk sound from the spring and compression. Still not loud at all. In my backyard while shooting neither my daughter in the family room 10 feet from me could not ever detect when I shot, nor my wife in the kitchen who was listening for it also. If I was to shoot in my garage with the door shut no one could even here it. The pellet hitting the target is the loudest part. The horrible trigger everyone says that Gamos have, felt average to me, the 1st take in of the trigger is adjustable, where as I feel the 2nd part should be adjustable because of how lousy it feels. No crispness at all, slow steady pressure until it breaks, seemingly never the same way twice. Definitely a trigger insert or upgrade trigger replacement like everyone suggests would make this a much nicer rifle. Overall I am very happy with the Whisper, seems about right for the price point, does as advertised and just looks mean to boot. Thanks for listening.