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Customer Reviews by john from USA

RWS Rifle Shooter's Kit, .177 Caliber

RWS Rifle Shooter's Kit, .177 Caliber
Review entered on 2013-08-07 00:14:00

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1.0 1.0

By john from USA on 2013-08-07
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Things I liked: I am a fair minded person who tries to be honest in my product commentary which in this case is the RWS Rifle Shooters Cleaning kit for .177 caliber air rifles that I recently purchased at PyramidAir. I would not recommend this item for the following reasons. #1- The Rod assembly does not accept standard attachments as its end is a male thread. #2- The kit comes with one .177 caliber attachment which is a bore brush. There is no patch Jag. Included in the kit is one .22 caliber attachment which is a patch Jag with a male thread and is a larger diameter than that of the Rod assembly. So not only is the thread pitch incorrect on this .22 caliber attachment but it also has a male end that cannot mate with the rod as the rod also has a male threaded end.#3- The kit is expensive as well as poorly engineered. Not certain why the kit comes with only one .177 caliber bore brush attachment and no patch Jag as well as one .22 caliber attachment that does not even fit the rod? I cannot even find additional RWS attachments that fit the rods male threaded end so the kit is essentially useless right out of the box with no way to make it useful.

Things I would have changed: I would make the kit make sense and have more than one .177 caliber attachment. Also I would make the attachments have a male threaded end and the rod a female receptacle.

What others should know: If one wishes to purchase an item that is grossly inadequate, inaccurately advertised and poorly engineered than this is the one. I seriously doubt this review will ever see the light of day as it is blatantly honest and factual.I deserve a refund but having opened the item that is impossible. I have since purchased a different .177 caliber cleaning kit that comes with all the attachments required to properly maintain my air Rifle that I purchased from PyramidAir. I am extreme;y satisfied with that Air Rifle by the way and highly recommend it to my fellow air gunners!