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Customer Reviews by Harold from USA

Crosman Doomsday Bug Out Air Rifle Kit 2289

Crosman Doomsday Bug Out Air Rifle Kit Air rifle
Review entered on 2013-08-12 17:58:15

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By Harold from USA on 2013-08-12
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Things I liked: I like the overall size & weight, and the Accuracy. I added the Steel Breech & a scope and can shoot one hole groups with Meisterkugeln .22 wadcutter pellets at 15 yards. Technique is very important -- the light weight + heavy trigger pull will throw the shot if you rush the trigger pull.

Things I would have changed: The Pump Arm is a bit short - it requires a lot of strength from a woman to pump it up, and she can get pinched. Crosman should drop all the "BugOut" kit stuff and instead put the Steel Breech on the carbine from the start. I would go back to the 14" barrel length and make the pump arm longer, & use the steel breech. Also, Crosman should go ahead and put the pistol grip screws in the carbine stock - the stock loosens up quickly, and the grip screws are needed. If I really need to remove the stock, having to use a screwdriver is better than having a loose stock -- I don't plan to be removing the stock -- the gun is extremely short as is.

What others should know: The Steel Breech is NICE. The bolt feels much better, & there is a lock screw that locks the breech to the barrel (in addition to the tight fit). The stock can be tightened up by installing the correct length of 6-32 screws -- just drill holes where Crosman has molded circles in the stock, and the part underneath is already threaded. If you find the right pellet and use good shooting technique, this little carbine can be extremely accurate. We got to eat more figs and blueberries this summer thanks to the extreme accuracy of this inexpensive little carbine.