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Customer Reviews by careeves1 from USA

HaleStorm PCP Air Rifle

Air Venturi HaleStorm PCP Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2010-08-24 19:38:55

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By careeves1 from USA on 2010-08-24
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Things I liked: I choose four stars because I enjoy the rifle! It shoots with the knock down of an .22 short (30#) leaving an exit hole in a dove up to thirty yards downrange. It will pound away with accuracy 25 to 30 shots into your air reserve. The rifle will shoot inside a dime at thirty yards using an high quality pellet (15gr) ; not to mention, the same at fifty if you use a heavier pellet (18gr) of similar quality. I kill jack-rabbits with one shot at thirty yards with routine. The gun is mechanically simple to use. The 10 shot tumbler works simplistically. The trigger was very easy to adjust. I loved the adjustable butt pad which made a custom match between my shoulder and my jaw in relation to the cheek-rest on the rifle stock. Above all the customer service was excellent. It takes two days for an answer, but don't be surprised if the gun-tech calls you back on your cell phone to discuss your problem in an professional manner. In review, after years of use, I wanted a quality rifle to hand down to my son. I believe this is the one.

Things I would have changed: The wood stock is beautiful, yet it is heavy succumbing to nicks to easily. Air Venturi could substitute the HAMERLI PNEAUMA or HATSAN tactical plastic stock making the rifle a tad lighter and sniper ready by simply unscrewing two large and two small trigger screws. In addition the HALESTORM sounds like a .22 short when fired, according to my neighbor, which leads me to ask for an silencer. Finally regarding the pressure gage, don't like looking down the barrel of an loaded gun just to estimate how much air is left in the tank!