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Customer Reviews by Ben from USA

Crosman PRO77 BB Gun

Crosman PRO77 BB Gun Air gun
Review entered on 2010-02-06 04:45:26

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3.0 3.0

By Ben from USA on 2010-02-06
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Things I liked: Blowback, kick, hammer, trigger. The blowback feels really solid and realistic. External hammer makes for higher accuracy single action shots, always nice. The trigger is very smooth with a crisp break and clear stage.

Things I would have changed: Just about everything else. I got a remanufactured, but it had so many problems out of the box. Massive valve leak was repaired by rebuilding the valve, mostly tightening the screw cap in it and adding some air oil. There IS NO RAIL GUIDE FOR THE SLIDE!! This means the slide moves over the barrel, nothing else keeps it lined up to the frame, meaning this gun has TERRIBLE slide-frame lineup. A stronger slide spring would reduce recoil and help the action work smoother. Sometimes the slide kicks back too far and gets stuck on the back of the hammer. Just pushing the hammer down a little gets it moving again. Just machine the back of the hammer a little to fix this.

What others should know: I have completely disassembled this gun far too many times. It relies in 4 springs to work properly. Theres 1 small spring that works the safely lever and allows the weapon to fire at all. This spring is held in place solely by its own tension and by being pushed against the inside of the frame. Same goes for the spring that keeps the frame lock down. Yes, down. The magazine follower pushes the frame lock up when empty, and works really well. Perhaps the only good design element on this thing. Pulling the trigger 1: pushes the back of the barrel into the magazine to trap a BB against the valve and push it down the barrel, 2: pushes a metal plate back to push against a lever in the hammer lock, 3: trips the hammer sear and drops the hammer. If the mag is not lined up right (as it often is) the trigger will not return right after firing. A proper firing cycle causes the mag to jump noticeably in the grip. And the mag spring release in the frame gets in the way of loading the mag all the time. SERIOUSLY, GET A NON-BLOWBACK, or if you need a really nice single-double action, the 357W revolver is amazing. Still have yet to find a nice blowback, would love some recommendations from experience. I hope this helps people fix their pro77s or find a better gun.