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Customer Reviews by john from USA

Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle

Sam Yang Dragon Claw 500cc Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-12-16 19:47:48

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By john from USA on 2012-12-16
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Things I liked: Beautiful gun with big power

Things I would have changed: Mine broke the first day after about twenty shots. This gun comes with a bolt action that you have to install,it does install easy enough but due to a terrible design it backs off and shatters the firing hammer. They send a spare screw for it like they knew I was going to have an issue. I disassembled the gun to retrieve the shattered parts,they were keeping the gun from cocking at all. During the entire breakdown I found metal left behind from the lousy machine work that would have at some point caused serious damage. The valve design amazed me in the fact that it actually sealed,I'm certain it will leak at some point if not replaced with a better designed needle and seat. Again,terrible design and craftsmanship on the internal parts. It is a very hard gun to cock,my fingers were sore from the first twenty shots. Then it broke! The trigger pull is also quite hard,looking at it while apart explained why.

What others should know: I will have parts made for it and correct the designs if they won't take it back and give me full refund for my entire purchase of the gun,pump,scuba tank,fittings,gun case,scope,fill adapters and all 650 rounds of ammo. $1500.00 worth of junk. Buy American! I also want this review posted for the truth about this product and its quality to be seen by all who read these reviews.