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Crosman Vantage Air Rifle With Nitro Piston

Crosman Vantage Air Rifle With Nitro Piston Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-07-17 02:03:51

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By Joshua from USA on 2012-07-17
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Things I liked: It feels good in the hands. If you're used to smaller and/or synthetic stock air rifles, it will feel heavy in your hands at first, but I think you'll find that once you get a feel for the gun, the weight is the right combination of feeling solid, but not being a burden to heft around or hold. The nitro piston is smooth, quiet, and powerful. Compared to the recoil in a springer Gamo Whisper I've been shooting, this feels much smoother in the hands and against the shoulder. The trigger is adjustable so if you know what you're doing, you can decrease the length of the "2nd" stage. I haven't gotten too carried away with testing the limits of adjustment, so I can't tell you for sure just how far it can go, but it's there and it works. The open-sights with this gun get the job done. First shot out of the box, I hit a cup at about 30 yards. They are easy to adjust and the fiber-optics work nice. I wish they were metal, but it's nothing to lose sleep over.

Things I would have changed: I would change the stock actually. The pictures here and on the box will make you think it's a rich, solid, beautiful wood stock, but it's actually very soft, prone to dings and I feel the finish on my stock looks cheap (at least cheaper than the photos would have me believe). The finish is also pretty thin, so it will scuff easily if you're rough with it. For me personally, the scope and rings included were not worth packaging with this gun. Even with some tweaking, the scope was blurry past 5x magnification and the rings would not mount squarely on the dovetail to save my life. Granted, I am by no means an optics expert, but something just didn't seem right with that scope and the rings were definitely not right. Some people seem to have been sent a good scope and rings, so who knows what you might get. The open-sights are fine though, so it's certainly not a total loss. This gun seems to be a bit picky in the pellet department. Try every type of pellet you can get your hands on (within reason of course). My standard pellets (Crosman Pointed - 7.9 gr), which flew great through a Gamo Whisper, were shooting poorly through this gun even after the break-in period. Right now, ironically, the best <20 yard pellet I have found for this gun is the super cheap Crosman Destroyer EX - 7.4 gr., but I have several more coming from Pyramyd Air which I hope can give me a better grouping at a longer distance. Once I narrow down the best pellets for this gun, I will update my review.

What others should know: This is not an air rifle that a small-built person can cock themselves. Unless you have fair arm and upper body strength, you are going to be frustrated with how much effort you will need to exert to cock this break-barrel. While I can get nit-picky about a little of this or that, that I would have liked better, this gun is a really good value, and I think that's what's important here. If you have a budget twice as much as this gun costs, well then maybe you should be looking elsewhere. If you're looking for a powerful, reliable and enjoyable gun in the sub-$150 category, then this is a solid option to consider, and that's just considering the gun by itself. Take care of your gun, stay safe, be patient, and have fun.