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Customer Reviews by BA13M from USA

Desert Eagle CO2 Pistol

Magnum Research Desert Eagle CO2 Pistol Air gun
Review entered on 2012-02-29 18:16:55

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By BA13M from USA on 2012-02-29
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Things I liked: This Gun is very powerful and also deadly accurate and that is all its has going for it. Pyramyd Air is the best place in the U.S.A to purchase an Air Gun and they have been very patient with me. They realized that it wasn't my fault that the gun kept breaking. I have purchased Air Guns from different stores in the past and I can say with confidence that their customer service isn't on the same level as Pyramyd Air. If I would have bought this gun anywhere else there is no way that their customer service would have helped me this much or take so much time to make sure I got a working gun. I am grateful to Dan at customer service for taking the time to help me and I hope that I get a DESERT EAGLE Gun that won't break!!! All that I have stated in this review is the Truth and I would like to see it on Pyramyd Air's website because that would show that they actually care about what their customers think and what their future customers need to know about their products!

Things I would have changed: The slide needs to be made out of metal or the exact same type of strong polymer plastic that they use to make GLOCK'S or other polymer firearms. The plastic slide can not handle the Blowback and it will crack!!! Ive now been through two Gun's which have both been sent back because of the plastic slide cracking!!! Blowback is ok but not necessary, just imagine the fps this gun would have if it were using all of the CO2 at its disposal.

What others should know: The first one that I received broke in about 4 days and when I say broke I'm talking about the cheap plastic slide. The force of the blowback caused the slide to break at the front of the gun and it shot of the back of the gun and hit me in the face so always where shooting glasses when using any gun, especially this cheap plastic gun. I couldn't believe this happened so I called Pyramyd Air and I talked to Dan. He apologized for the gun breaking, started the exchange program and he had a new one sent out to me within a week. The replacement arrived on Friday Feb 24 2012 and it lasted until Monday Feb 27 2012 this time while I was shooting it the plastic blowback slide broke on the left side, but at least it didn't break on both sides and become a projectile!!! So I had to call Dan at Pyramyd Air again and I think he was more upset than i was but he said that they would send me a replacement gun one more time and if that one breaks then that's it. I know why the slide keeps breaking the combination of blowback plus a cheap and thin plastic slide equals breaks. I have not been rough with the gun at all and when they sent me the first replacement I babied it. When I wasn't shooting it I kept it in a soft foam case and cleaned it with a soft cloth. I was never rough with this gun at all the only thing i did was shoot it and supposedly that is what it was made for or at least that is what UMAREX wants us to believe. If this CO2 Gun didn't have these flaws it would be PERFECT.