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Customer Reviews by gunitalia from USA

Ruger Air Hawk Combo

Ruger Air Hawk Combo Air rifle
Review entered on 2010-11-02 23:01:36

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5.0 5.0

By gunitalia from USA on 2010-11-02
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Things I liked: Great price, power and accuracy. It is way more accurate than I am. Mine seems to like Crossman Premier HPs. At 20 yards, it made a single ragged 1/2" hole in paper (before fully broken in). If I do everything correctly as the shooter, my Air Hawk can put 4 out of 5 CP/HPs onto pond turtle heads out to 75 yds.. Any misses are my fault at estimating distance and thus crosshair placement, aiming wiggle, trigger finger consistency, etc. Very fast followup shots (compared to the multi-pump pelguns I've used for 40 years!) Rear open sight is very easy to get adjusted on target.

Things I would have changed: Ship a better scope, even if they have to raise the price a little. The packaged Ruger branded scope's crosshairs broke at around 450 rounds. (Until then, it worked very well with very good clarity.) I replaced the broken scope with a cheap Winchester/Daisy 4x32 AO far, so good after about 200 shots. Before getting the new scope, I used the open sights for several hundred rounds and found them adequate and, eventually, got used to them, hitting the turtle heads 2 out of 5 shots. The open sights would be so much better if the front sight width was reduced 50-75%. It needs some form of attachment points for a sling for field carry.

What others should know: This rifle is HEAVY overall, and doesn't balance well for one-hand carry. Without a sling, it's unwieldy to carry long distances in the field or through the woods. Besides the crappy scope, that's the only complaint I can come up with after 1000 shots! I really don't believe that other springers costing 2-4X as much can actually be much better than my Ruger AH. Oh, one other thing, don't waste your money on those "high velocity" non-lead pellets in this rifle. The sonic boom causes really bad accuracy (3"-4" groups at 20yds.) and sounds like a .22LR.