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Customer Reviews by Gary from USA

Gamo Whisper VH Combo

Gamo Whisper VH Combo Air rifle
Review entered on 2009-03-25 14:32:12

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By Gary from USA on 2009-03-25
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Things I liked: Good looks (pictures really don't do it justice either... this is a sweet looking gun in real life!), power, accuracy, balance. Overall very impressed with the quality of the rifle itself... very well constructed and does not look or feel like a toy. One thing that really surprised me was how light the rifle was, especially considering its size!

Things I would have changed: Three issues... First, since this weapon is clearly designed for varmint hunting, provisions for a sling would have been nice. Second, the stock trigger... actually it wasn't quite as bad as I was expecting, but still left a lot of room for improvement. Regardless, I had anticipated this to be a problem area, and went ahead and replaced it with a GRTIII trigger. All I can say is talk about a night and day difference! VERY much worth the investment! Finally, I was not impressed at all with the optics suite that came with this package. Generally cheap and cheesy considering the quality of the gun itself. The stock rail mounted the scope slightly too low such that the sights interfered with the image, plus didn't care for the mounting brackets. Rings were cast into the rails, and the mount for the flashlight/laser were cast into the upper half of the rings as well, making them non-positionable and impossible to do a simple rail swap w/o getting a new tactical bracket. Scope image had some distortion (fuzzier towards the center), and crosshairs were not quite perpendicular to each other. Also magnification ring was really stiff. Can't comment on the laser itself since with the other problems I was encountering with the scope and mount, I basically decided to redo the entire package. Swapped out the scope for a Centerpoint Adventure 3-9x and the laser/flashlight combo for a BSA Varmint Hunter Pro. Again, BIG improvement!

What others should know: Wanted to add in a couple of words about the compensator. As long as the potential buyer understands that the compensator will do nothing to quiet the spring mechanism, they should be OK. Likewise, it SHOULD be understood that it won't do anything to silence a pellet hitting supersonic velocities! What the compensator does do is eliminate the characteristic "POP!" associated with most air guns. In other words, it doesn't really sound like an air gun when it fires. As far as the spring mechanism itself, I doubt it would be noticeable more than 10 yards away under most circumstances. My only real complaint with this rifle again goes back to the optics package. I really wouldn't have a problem spending a little extra for a quality scope that matches the quality of this rifle. Not a good area to be cutting corners on! Otherwise very pleased with the rifle itself, and wouldn't hesitate recommending it to friends.


End seal 357/CO2 guns

Crosman End seal 357/CO2 guns
Review entered on 2012-10-03 18:48:58

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By Gary from USA on 2012-10-03
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Things I liked: Does what it says, says what it does. Resealed a Crosman 1600... no leaks, works fine.

Things I would have changed: A little pricey for a seal, but by the time S+H is computed is still considerably better than the competition. Don't understand why such a (relatively) large box was used to ship such a small item.

What others should know: Recommend just a dab of silicone grease on both sides of seal before mounting on pin.