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Beretta CX-4 Storm Air Rifle

Beretta CX-4 Storm Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2011-10-02 16:15:17

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By Dubin from Hong Kong on 2011-10-02
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Things I liked: This has to be the coolest CO2 rifle I have ever fired. Feels like a real firearm, comes in a superb case and has decent muzzle velocity. Aperture sights are effective and easy to adjust if a bit dicky. Rate of fire is great.

Things I would have changed: Accuracy sucks - or perhaps I simply need to use better pellets. Outdoors at the range on a windy day using cheapo Crosman pellets I only got one out of thirty on paper at 50 yards, so I moved indoors. At 25 yards using the same cheap pellets I could not get the thing to group at all. It was all over the shop, perhaps the cheap pellets and perhaps the difficulty in indexing properly with the belt fed mag even after countersinking the loads. Perhaps my old eyes (but I don't think so since I can still group well with iron sights on my .22 or SKS). I have ordered a red dot site and will try again with good pellets when that arrives.

What others should know: I bought the standard model then ordered accessories separately (cheaper that way). With the accessory compensator fitted the rifle no longer fits in the case that came with the standard model. So okay, I simply use one of my real gun cases when I take it to the range. In Canada, my 600 fps model qualifies as a real firearm and since I live in a suburban area I have to take it to the range if I want to shoot it. It is still the coolest long gun I own (and that includes the SKS).