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Customer Reviews by harleyhopper from USA

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2013-02-01 16:25:42

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By harleyhopper from USA on 2013-02-01
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Things I liked: I`m new to spring piston pellet guns. I`ve had a couple of the Crosman multipump 700fps pellet/BB rifles but they didn`t have a rifled barrel. My wife and married girls were wanting to know what they could give me for Christmas so I thought I`d ask for a Trail XL in .177 caliber(as that was readily available ammo and I had plenty). I`ve had this rifle over a month and it is fantastic. I`ve probably shot over 500 rounds through it. I originally had problems adjusting the scope as it was shooting really high and to the right. I ran out of adjustment but a small shim under the front scope mount gave me what I was looking for. With this rifle, the artillery hold is a must. Never having a spring piston, I`m understanding that all require this. What I`m liking is the consistency. The old Crosman 760 shot all over the place but this shoots predictably and consistent. My Son-in-law brought his grandfather`s Gamo Extreme over around Thanksgiving and I believe it is the equivalent to the Trail XL except it has a spring instead of the nitrogen piston platform. I could not shoot it accurately but I didn`t know about the artillery hold back then. Probably more gun than I need but I really like the magnum power that it offers. All my Son-in-laws have to shoot it when they come over. I did void the warranty and did the "free" trigger upgrade to the trigger I saw on Youtube. Squirrels are no longer a problem around my house--or my neighbors.

Things I would have changed: Iron sights and the weight are the only things I can think of as things I`d change.

What others should know: If you are looking for a magnum, this would be a rifle to consider. It is heavy,though. To me, the trigger everyone has mentioned is a non-issue to me as I did the washer mod to the trigger a day or so after I got it and having never really shot another spring piston other than a few shots through a Gamo Extreme, this is all I know. The scope, thus far, has also been satisfactory.

SIG Sauer P226 X-Five CO2 Pistol

KWC SIG Sauer P226 X-Five CO2 Pistol Air gun
Review entered on 2014-02-08 10:34:23

4.0 4.0

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By harleyhopper from USA on 2014-02-08
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Things I liked: I like this gun. The look on my grandson's face, priceless. He wants one now. He begs to shoot everytime he comes over. Well built. Looks and feels like the real deal.

Things I would have changed: I would love to see a rifled barrel in a gun of this caliber. Some replacement seals for the CO2 canisters would be nice

What others should know: Like Larry's review, my clip is leaking CO2 pretty bad. I went through 3 canisters in a bout 20 min. Only been a little over a month. I talked with Tania at Palco Sports by email and I'm hoping a new clip will be on the way. I sent her the model# Thursday but have not heard back from her(today is Sat). Like suggested here, I used a drop of Pelgun oil on every canister.