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BKL 1-Pc Mount, 4" Long, 1" Rings, 3/8" or 11mm Dovetail, 6 Base Screws, High, Matte Black

BKL 1-Pc Mount, 4 inch Long, 1 inch Rings, 3/8 inch or 11mm Dovetail, 6 Base Screws, High, Matte Black
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By William from USA on 2011-05-17
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Things I liked: This mount was easy to install and it seem to make my scope my faster to zero-in. When I move the cross hair up four clicks, it moved up three inches at 14 yards. Before I used this mount on my Crossman 1000x, my scope was trial-and-error to zero-in. Before this mount, sometimes I would go four clicks to the right and nothing would happen to my hit point or it would even move further to the right. Two ring scope mounts do not work on this powerful spring pellet rifle.

Things I would have changed: These powerful spring pellet rifles should come with this 1-piece scope mount out of the box.

What others should know: Shooting these powerful spring pellet rifles requires a delicate hold. The rifle should sit on your left palm, with no finger wrap, and just touch your right shoulder with no pressure of your right hand on the pistol grip. The rifle should float between your right shoulder and left palm. The rifle should be allowed to move back and forth by itself because of the spring kick. Doing this and using the 1-piece scope mount, you can make 40-50 yards shots on woodpeckers.