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Diana RWS 34 Meisterschutze Pro Compact, T06

Diana RWS 34 Meisterschutze Pro Compact, T06 Air rifle
Review entered on 2013-02-16 10:27:36

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5.0 5.0

By Tony from USA on 2013-02-16
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Things I liked: This rifle has been incredible! I was very impressed from the first time I took it out of the box. It is hefty and it SCREAMS German quality! Very solid rifle. Accuracy has been outstanding too. The wood grain is very classy and professional. I was all set up to purchase the synthetic stock version but I'm so glad I splurged and chose the wood stock at the last minute. The scope works great for me. Some people mentioned upgrading it. I don't see a need for that any time soon but always an option later if I change my mind. No issues so far with loosening of scope or shroud due to following others' advice about using locktite. The hardest thing was making myself wait for it to dry before shooting it! I got the 10 for $10 as recommended by others and glad I did. Everything is well lubed and action closes crisp and tight.

Things I would have changed: Maybe streamline the scope base ? The scope base that comes with the rifle is a little primative looking but appears very sturdy / functional. Other than that maybe add a set of carry strap studs on the ventral portion of the stock.

What others should know: Make sure you pay attention to the weight listed. With the solid stock, scope and shroud on, the weight is more like holding up a Garand. Here's a comparison. Put a broomstick through the handle on a 1 gallon jug of water and hold the broom up like a rifle. That's a fairly close estimate. This was a bit of a surprise at first but also adds to the feeling of quality to me. If this is an issue for you maybe look at one with sites on the barrel instead of scope and shroud. I still love this little beastie. Especially the short overall length. The shroud really makes it easy to cock the action and gives the gun a great tactical look. It's a humbling yet proud feeling when I realized I own a pellet rifle that is more accurate than I am. Ha! Plenty of room to grow into this beast! I will be keeping this rifle for the rest of my life. Always be safe and have fun! Tony