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Customer Reviews by Kris from USA

Benjamin Wildfire PCP Air Rifle

Benjamin Wildfire PCP Air Rifle Air rifle
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By Kris from USA on 2017-04-01
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Things I liked: A fun little plinker. This is quickly becoming a love/hate relationship. I'm filling with Hill pump 50 strokes to go from 1000 to 2000 psi (first 5 to fill hose to 1000). 3 to 4 minutes to load 4 clips, then shooting 48 shots can easily be done in less than 2 minutes,and we're back down to 1000 psi. So yes I'm spending more time preparing to shoot than shooting (normal for multishot pcp but how quickly you can shoot seems to compound the difference).

Things I would have changed: A wood stock would be nice, with the plastic stock it feels a little nose heavy. The back side of the clip has a hollow section that pellets get stuck in if your lazy like me (take the clip put it in the pellet tin lid and pour pellets on top of the clip (I do that with my IZH 61 and my Hatsan clips)). The only other complaint is due to the original 1077 design. If the clip were positively indexed when loaded into the magazine the first action of the trigger could have been releasing the shot then pulling through the second action to index the next shot. Instead we have the first action indexing the clip to line up with the barrel and the second action releasing the air to blow the pellet from the clip into the barrel (why you feel a puff of air at the magazine when the shot is released).

What others should know: Decent accuracy but I don't think I'll be neutering any mosquitos with it. I take an aluminium can and put it in one of those foam squares that Pyramid ships pellets in and place it in front of my backstop. I then cut it in half with pellets. The face is easy but this gun has trouble catching the very edges (the sides) due to the trigger pull. My finger actually gets tired holding it at the second action lining up the edge shot. This is at 10 yds indoors. Got the 10 for 10$ from Pyramid. The certificate says that the fill pressure for the test was 2000 lbs. When the gun arrived it had 1000 lbs. Do they bleed the gun down before shipping? I pumped it to 2000 lbs and let it sit for 5 days and it didn't leak down at all. Is someone pulling my leg? If you want an enjoyable plinker this will do that well. It's almost as addictive as my Baikals.