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Customer Reviews by Kevin from USA

Crosman Nitro Venom Air Rifle

Crosman Nitro Venom Air Rifle Air rifle
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By Kevin from USA on 2013-07-19
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Things I liked: Nice fit and appearance on mine (I understand that this can be hit or miss). Excellent accuracy at short ranges, deteriorates considerably at distances beyond 20 yards. For the money, this is an excellent value.

Things I would have changed: Instead of a junky scope, it should include iron sights. Especially at the distances this rifle is used. It would cost them nothing to supply a decent trigger, but they don't, despite everyone reporting the same problem with it, for years! Great price on this rifle, but plan on spending additional money on a scope, trigger, and possibly some crown work. It will still be a great value, but at some point, you're going to spend another $200 or settle for mediocrity. Spend the additional money, and you'll have a very impressive gun for under $400.

What others should know: The junky scope is really a problem. From reading the reviews of this gun, it is obvious that quality control is hit or miss on everything, and that includes the scope. If you are lucky, you'll get one that doesn't zero or adjust from the outset. Otherwise, you are likely to think "Hey, this scope isn't THAT bad!" and then after 50-100 shots, think that something is wrong with you, because you're all over the target. It's not you. Replace the scope first thing, and get one designed for airguns. The problem with the trigger was created by lawyers, as it is intended to enhance safety. In the real world, it just encourages you to void your warranty by getting a GRT or using the free trigger mods posted on YouTube. This can create a very sensitive trigger though, so be careful. And be sure you don't take out the wrong pin when modding your trigger or you'll be bashing your head against the wall. I get dime size groups at 15 yards, but they really start to open up at 20 yards and beyond. (I have the .22) Pellet choice makes a huge difference, and apparently this can vary like everything else with this gun. Mine likes JSB Jumbo Exact Domed, Crosman Premier Domed, and Predator Polymags. Doesn't care for any other Crosman. Check any pellet you try to see how it seats and how consistent the skirts are, as this seems to be what makes the difference. I'm going to look into having a swage made to see if that helps with accuracy.