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Customer Reviews by Mainray from USA

Walther P22 Special Operations, Black

Walther P22 Special Operations, Black Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2008-11-22 02:19:40

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5.0 5.0

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By Mainray from USA on 2008-11-22
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Things I liked: This gun is worth the cost. At first I thought the gun would be cheaply made but to my surprise, its quality was good. Some guns use hard plastic but this gun uses a somewhat "chewy" feeling plastic which is not as easy to break since its flexible. I liked the metal trigger, hammer, mag. release and safety unlike some which uses plastic. The safety was very easily accessed which is very good for quick firing. The sights work fine and the signature mag. release is nice since its less likely to be pressed accidentally. The rail is also very nice since i can easily attach a scope mount, flashlight, or laser although its not practical since the velocity is limited. The grips on the gun can be customized which is nice. ALSO THE GUN USES A METAL PIECE TO COMPRESS THE SPRING SO IT WON'T BRAKE AS EASILY AS OTHER GUNS!!! I have dropped this gun 2-3 times and i thought it would brake but it still functioned fine, although I would still be careful. I definitely recommend this gun to anyone since its so qualitative and cheap in price.

Things I would have changed: Although the majority of this gun was excellent, i was a little disappointed. For one thing the sights are not adjustable or removable what-so-ever. Also the magazine doesn't have a tab which releases all the bbs and loading can be somewhat difficult since you can't hold down the spring in the mag. Also there is no slide-release lever so you don't immediately know if its loaded until you dry-fire which is bad for the internals. Lastly, the gun doesn't have an open ejection port making jams harder to clear.

What others should know: The hammer on the gun serves no meaningful purpose and doesn't lock back in the coaked position. There is no open-ejection port or slide release lever. This gun however is very good for a beginners pistol and is somewhat more advanced since the velocity is average. For the money you won't be disappointed and it will bring years of fun.