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Customer Reviews by Tellico Tom from USA

Beeman R7 Air Rifle

Beeman R7 Air Rifle Air rifle
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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Tellico Tom from USA on 2011-06-22
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Things I liked: Bought mine many yrs ago from AirGun Express (before they were acquired by Pyramid) based on so many favorable reviews. I'm 6'5" & thought it might be too small, but it was quite handy & a joy to shoot. I soon realized it was more accurate than I with open sights, so I removed them, installed a muzzle weight & an inexpensive scope. I shoot all kinds of airguns every week (range up to 60 yds), and the R7 quickly became my "go to" gun. 5/8" groups at 40 yds w/ Beeman Silver Bears (not much point in going beyond that as it runs out of steam pretty quick). It quickly became one of my favorites, and I put several thousand rounds through it. I never touched the factory set trigger. I chronographed over a dozen different pellets with it using 10-shot groups. Many gave deviations under 5 fps. Remarkably consistent. It just loves target pellets, both pistol & rifle. From the beginning, the R7 was smooth, & it just kept getting better. Like any spring gun breaking in, there was a small shift in impact points at first, then it settled in. After that, once I got it sighted in, I never changed the scope settings unless I changed pellets. It's excellent accuracy made it easy to "dope" hold-over/under for various distances, & its consistent velocities made it easier to judge windage in a variety of conditions. With head shots, it's deadly on small game & pests at reasonable ranges. I loved the gun so much that when I heard of Paul Watts, it was the first gun I sent to him.

Things I would have changed: I couldn't imagine anything that would make the little R7 a better gun, but I heard so many good things about Paul Watts (, that I just had to see what he recommended. If there's a better spring airgunsmith out there, I haven't been able to find him/her. If you love spring guns, & you haven't been to his website, you are among the under-privileged. I told Paul I had many airguns, & I was a shooter, not a collector. I asked him to do what he thought best to make the R7 a handy gun that I could shoot every day. He put his tune on it, including the trigger. He installed a new spring & seal with his special lubrication process. He put a shroud on the barrel. And he found a special piece of American walnut which he used to carve out a "classic" stock with impeccable hand cut checkering finished in a satin polyurethane for protection.. I asked him to sign it, which he did on the bottom of the pistol grip. A friend of his stopped by his shop & told him if I ever wanted to sell the little R7, to please let him know. While Paul was working his magic, I ordered a Leupold 3 X 9 Adjestable Objective scope that looked like it would be just right for the little beauty. Needless to say, it now shoots one-hole groups, and with that bright & sharp little scope mounted on it, I can pick the wings off a fly at 20 paces. I've lost track of the many thousands of pellets I've run through it over the years. with no maintenance required I shoot it almost every day

What others should know: The R7 is truly a gun for everyone. It's small enough, handy enough and easy enough to cock for anyone old enough to be responsible with such a precision instrument, and it's fun enough for all ages beyond. Unlike many more powerful spring guns, the R7 is not very "hold sensitive", but it's always a good idea to hold any gun consistently the same way. It's as reliable as an anvil, yet as precise as a Swiss watch. Words can't describe the quality "feel" of this little masterpiece - it just has to be felt. I've trained men, women, boys and girls to shoot with this lovely little gun, and even though I have dozens of guns, it's the one they always reach for when it's time to do some fun shooting. It is certainly not the cheapest spring gun out there, but it is certainly one of the best in its category. It is a terrific example of the finest production quality in real wood & real steel spring air guns. It has the precision & accuracy for a lifetime of teaching the fine art of marksmanship. Mine continues to shoot better than I can. Most folks who own one say it would be the last air gun they would sell. One thing's for sure - you almost never see a used one for sale. If you can afford it, it's worth it. If you can't afford it, it's worth saving up for it.. You definitely get what you pay for with the R7. It's an heirloom quality treasure that will outlast you, no matter how young you are. Your heirs will thank you for buying it long after you're gone.