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Crosman 2260

Crosman 2260 Air rifle
Review entered on 2011-01-04 11:41:04

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By joe from USA on 2011-01-04
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Things I liked: Crosman has perfected CO2 usage to the extent that they are extremely reliable and affordable by most of us. This rifle has a lot of the features of rifles that are a good deal more expensive. It may not have a lot of fancy do-dads on it, but it will perform right up with the best of'em. It is light, well made, and with the right pellet, very accurate. For the low price of around $85.00 You just can't go wrong. It's a great beginners rifle for the youngster who is just starting out in the shooting sports. It's easy to use, and watch their face when they start punching holes in the bullseye....In my opinion It's a great value for the price.

Things I would have changed: There are some changes that could be made such as a better rear sight, and a steel breech, but then this would increase the cost of the rifle. I do think that Crosman could figure out a better way to mount a scope without increasing the cost of the rifle more than a dollar or two, which I'm sure no would mind paying...

What others should know: I consider that the sights that come on it to be good enough for field use, but if you want extreme accuracy you will need to replace the plastic breech with a steel breech so you can solidly mount a good scope. I have choosen to leave mine as is and just use it to the best of my ability. It will take blue jays out to 35-40 yards with no problem at all. I don't condone shooting birds unless they are pests. Try different pellet brands for consistant accuracy and stick with them. After much trial and error I find that the Crosman competition wadcutter in the 1250 "milk carton" bulk pack work the best in my rifle. And they are inexpensive. Since no two rifles are exactly the same another brand may work better in your rifle. Try several brands until you find the winner...You won't be dissapointed.