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Benjamin Destroyer .25 Cal, 27.8 Grains, Pointed, 200ct

Benjamin Destroyer .25 Cal, 27.8 Grains, Pointed, 200ct
Review entered on 2013-02-18 04:19:24

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By Mike from USA on 2013-02-18
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Things I liked: They make nice clean holes in paper targets.

Things I would have changed: It's hard to tell what isn't right about this pellet but it certainly doesn't work well in my Mrod. Groups were 2 inches at 20 yards, JSB Exact Kings grouped at 3/8 inch at the same distance on the same target.

What others should know: I too thought there was something wrong with my Marauder as I tried out the Destroyer pellets that came with the package. As another reviewer said, the only thing they destroy is accuracy. One clue was the nice clean holes each had a smudge on random sides of the hole which indicated to me that the pellet was not flying true and the skirt was creating the smudge. While they might work well with other guns, I can attest they do not with mine.