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IZH 46M Match Pistol Kit

IZH-Baikal IZH 46M Match Pistol Kit Air gun
Review entered on 2013-01-01 10:28:15

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By Andrzej from USA on 2013-01-01
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Things I liked: The IZH: It shoots pretty well. The Red Dot: The mount works OK, rheostat turns easily, 1 MOA for small targets.

Things I would have changed: The IZH: Trigger pull screw protrudes through the trigger guard and scraps your finger, had to countersink the hole to flush it out, no easy task for average guy. Too much wood is removed from the grips and consequently the trigger guard digs into your finger unless you build up the grip, needs a lot of filling and filing to close up the gaps. A UV activated filler kit would have been very helpful.

What others should know: The Red Dot: I would not recommend this item to anyone shooting pistols indoors. The dot is way too bright and can't be turned down enough short of using a half dead battery. Dot is not round, marginal at short eye relief (rifle) horrible on a pistol. It "bleeds and star-bursts" when viewed anywhere but in the upper right quadrant. Pyramyd replaced the first one, thank you, replacement is slightly better but still useless for indoor shooting. The IZH: It's functional, shoots pretty well but the fit and finish makes it look like a typical product of Russia's neighbor, China. The gun looks like it is almost finished, made out of rejected parts. Even the screw heads are not great and have tiny burrs. The grip is a bit of a disaster, fit is marginal, having to add filler to keep from scraping the middle finger on the sharp edge of the trigger guard is a bit ridiculous, needs a large amount of filler to close the huge gap in the heal area.. If all you want is function at a reasonably fair price, shape the grip to fit, put a band-aid on your middle finger an you'll be happy. If you already own one of the German guns move on. No hope for satisfaction here.