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Customer Reviews by Jon from USA

Air Arms TX200 MkIII Air Rifle

Air Arms TX200 MkIII Air Rifle Air rifle
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5.0 5.0

By Jon from USA on 2013-03-30
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Things I liked: When I pulled the TX200MKIII in .22 caliber out of the box I was impressed with the bluing, and the details on the stock checkering. Mounting the rifle to the shoulder is a good fit, and the grip on the stock allows for a relaxed hand position very nice...The trigger is really clean, slight first stage to a clean crisp break on the second, light feel to the trigger weight. I really like the trigger. After shooting a few hundred pellets with various types and weights of pellets through the rifle I am impressed with the accuracy. Although I have found a pellet that shoots really excellent out of this rifle, I have found several others that don't. Freehand standing shooting 32 yards I can reliably hit a 1/2 inch bulls eye. From the sitting supported rest I can easily stack less than 1/2 inch groups at 32 yards in light and variable winds. The cocking effort is not too bad either, far less than the magnum springer I have. I am very happy with this rifle.

Things I would have changed: The rifle is somewhat heavy. I would like to see this same rifle in a lighter weight with a nylon stock, and with a rougher exterior finish. I am afraid of scratching it now... The pellet loading area is a little small for my old big fingers, and with a longer scope makes it that much harder to get below the scope objective to seat the pellet. I am not sure I like the "bear trap" safety catches for the cocking mechanism yet, may just take some getting used to? The 11mm dovetail would be better at 3/8th's or a weaver style as ring availability in 30mm X 11mm base is short, 1" rings in 11mm though abound.

What others should know: So far out of 7 different tins of pellets, the best shooters at 32 yards outside for me is the H&N Baracuda Match .22 caliber 21.14 grains. At 10 yards indoors the crosman premiers 14 grains shot pretty well.