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Colt 1911 pellet gun

Colt 1911 pellet gun Air gun
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By Bill from USA on 2011-09-23
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Things I liked: The Umarex M1911 is a very nice pistol. I have shot .45ACP M1911’s extensively and it mimics the look and feel very closely. It is accurate, operates smoothly, and, except for the problem explained below, is well designed and very well constructed.

Things I would have changed: The implementation of the grip safety leaves much to be desired. Unlike in the pistol it is modeled on it operates by moving a transfer bar in between the hammer and firing pin when depressed. This transfer bar is only loosely attached to the safety’s action bar, so that, if it is even slightly out of spec, as it was on the first two pistols that I received, it will fail to move completely into position and you get a misfire.

What others should know: If Umarex would fix this problem it would have an excellent pistol.