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Crosman Stinger S34P Clear/Black Shotgun

Crosman Stinger S34P Clear/Black Shotgun Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2011-05-27 16:48:31

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By indiana from USA on 2011-05-27
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Things I liked: The three shot firing system is rather impressive and reliable, while making it rather hard to miss. The shotgun shell style magazines give a unique feel the gun. Pistol grip is comfortable.

Things I would have changed: The first day I used the gun it jammed and wouldn't pump. I fiddled around with it and unjammed it. It hasn't done it again and I shot it over 300 times. I also don't see why the gun is priced so high considering it's just about all plastic aside from a few small metal pieces. I assume it is because of the tri-shot hardware but I don't think its that complicated. It's hard to pump but that makes sence considering it shoots 3 bb's at a time and has decent fps to boot.

What others should know: This gun is deadly at close and medium range and you'll probably be able to hit your target with all three bbs. At longer range the bb's spread out and you'll probably only land 1.