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Customer Reviews by Bryan from USA

Crosman Phantom 1000

Crosman Phantom 1000 Air rifle
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4.0 4.0

By Bryan from USA on 2013-03-06
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Things I liked: I bought the Crosmen Phantom in July of 2012; I have it for almost a year now, I was attracted to the Crosmen Phantom because of the price, and the good reviews on this site and U-tube. This was my first break barrel air rifle and i liked the power of springer air riffles, and the looks of the Crosmen Phantom. I finally work out all of the problems and I am more educated though all my research, and now my Phantom is accurate (tack-driver), and hit its target with the force of a “hammer!”

Things I would have changed: Things I would change: Crosmen sell this rifle at this good value to keep the price low then; Crossman’s should better educate the customers about the hidden costs, and accessories that the Crosmen Phantom would require. Expected down the road to spend a lot more money in this product if you want the accuracy this riffle have to offer. Give consumers the option to get all the features they would need to operate this product reasonable at a higher price if they choose to. All the information should be in the owner’s manual, with a video included when purchasing the Crosmen Phantom.

What others should know: The price of the Crosmen Phantom is a great value for beginners with break barrel air rifles. It is very accurate after the break-in period (about 1,000 rounds of pellets), and you clean the barrel; tighten all the screws; use 8.4 grain .177 cal. JSB Diablo pellets; Buy at least a UTG(Leapers) 3-12*44 scope (SWAT Side-wheel), with one piece mount rings, a new trigger (CBR trigger) by CharliedaTuna.