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Gamo Tomahawk .177 Cal, 7.8 Grains, Pointed, 750ct

Gamo Tomahawk .177 Cal, 7.8 Grains, Pointed, 750ct
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By Tony from USA on 2013-08-24
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Things I liked: First and foremost, quantity. Next, was accuracy. I was using a Gamo Silent Cat with iron sights. I managed to zero it in to 40 yards with 3/4" groups. I've gone through half of a tin tuning my sights and the stray shot was only off by about 3-5". I also noticed something interesting when shooting through hollow targets such as cans, tins, and plastic bottles. My pellets would go through with no problem but some of the sheared material caused a bit of shrapnel damage. It may be a fluke though.

Things I would have changed: A bit more quality control. I've had a good bit come too deformed to even load.

What others should know: I've noticed that there are significant performance differences between air rifles so please don't judge a pellet as useless because it did not shoot well from your rifle. These pellets don't do too well in my Crossman American Classic Model 1377 but does fine in some old Daisy rifle I have laying about.