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Customer Reviews by Luke from USA

Diana RWS 460 Magnum

Diana RWS 460 Magnum Air rifle
Review entered on 2008-06-23 22:13:55

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5.0 5.0

By Luke from USA on 2008-06-23
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Things I liked: RWS super high quality, just like on my Model 54. Nice stock with decent checkering. Awesome metal-to-metal and wood-to-metal fit throughout. Yes, the trigger is plastic (exact same trigger as on my M54, actually), but it breaks extremely clean, and I would guess it is right at 3 lbs from the factory, as they state in the specs. I've fired thousands of rounds through my Model 54 with no problems of any sort, and the only reason I bought the 460 is that I have wanted a .22 cal for quite a while now and this one looked too good to pass up.

Things I would have changed: The wood on mine is rather plain, almost like birch rather than walnut, but still pretty nice. I've seen many $600 centerfire rifles with worse wood. The open sights, as everyone else noted, are a complete joke. The stupid front sight practically covers a tin can at 30 yards, which does not make for precision shooting! I have scoped mine also, which fixes part of the problem, but that front sight does not come off without also removing the retainer for the cocking lever, and as far as I know, there is no replacement compensator available for this rifle. This is a bummer, as I too will need to saw off the front sight, since it appears as a very distracting blurr in my 3-9x scope. I hate using a hacksaw to cut pieces off an expensive German rifle!

What others should know: I had not thought of this before getting the gun, but there is no way to put traditional sling swivels on this gun's forearm, due to the cocking lever. Even one of those shotgun style slings won't work, since it would interfere with cocking the gun. I like a sling on my hunting guns, but there won't be one on this gun. Have not done serious accuracy testing yet, only fired about 30 rounds so far. Did do a quick chronograph check with RWS Superdomes--14.5 grains--and was amazed at the consistency: 804.6, 805.5, 803.2, 803.2, 809.3, Extreme spread of only 6.1, and SD of 2.5fps.