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Customer Reviews by Ryan from USA

Tactical Force TF11 CO2 Airsoft Submachine Gun

Tactical Force TF11 CO2 Airsoft Submachine Gun Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2012-01-06 10:21:14

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1.0 1.0

1.0 1.0

By Ryan from USA on 2012-01-06
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Things I liked: This gun shoots on full auto for 2-4 seconds which is pretty cool to see but then the C02 is wasted hastily which is very unpractical.

Things I would have changed: This gun is nothing like it is described as in the description or how others describe it. It's a C02 wasting, malfunctioning, piece of made in China crap that should not be sold in any store. This thing goes through a C02 cartridge EVERY magazine. Yeah you can fire full auto(which is very inaccurate and the slide is moving so fast that it doesn't have time to chamber a round sometimes so it just shoots empty C02), but for like 3 seconds the gun some what works but then runs out of C02. This gun is only good for looking cool, and shooting it on full auto for the 3 second burst that you can. Other then that this gun has no lasting value in terms of life expectancy or dependability. This was a very disappointing gun that I don't reccomend to anyone, i just shipped mine back the second day that I had it because i was so fed up with it. OVERALL DON'T BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!

What others should know: DO NOT BUY IT