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Walther Talon Magnum with Nitro Piston

Walther Talon Magnum with Nitro Piston Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-05-25 08:57:10

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4.0 4.0

By Daniel from USA on 2012-05-25
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Things I liked: This review if for the .177 caliber. Rifle is accurate, and packs quite a bunch. Haven't taken any game with it yet, but have destroyed some brass cases. Easily hits .233 or 5.56 brass at 20 yards every time with 10.5 grain Crossmans when standing or shooting from a dynamic position. I am not a marksman or a stand shooter so I cannot comment on whether or not you can keep quarter sized groups or not. Iron sights are a nice touch, however required significant time out of box to sight in. The actual rifle seems very well built and made with high quality material. Stock includes spacers to adjust length of pull, another nice touch, though I am not sure how important that is with an air rifle as it is with a firearm. Weight balance seems to be acceptable. The rail for scope mounting having the two different choices is really nice, and long enough to mount a variety of different optics. The nitro piston seems to smooth out the recoil, however it still jostles a good bit more than I thought it would.

Things I would have changed: Provided optic is awful, absolutely awful. The eye relief is not adjustable, and is far far far too short. It does hold zero well enough (through about 100 rnds), but its parallax seems to be around 25 yards. The screws holding in the buttpad and spacers are what looks like decking screws or drywall screws, seems kind of like a half effort, and makes changing the size a pain. My recommendation to Pyramyd is to ditch the scope entirely, the iron sights are more than acceptable for plinkers, and anyone needing an optic should research and purchase one on their own anyways.

What others should know: Cocking effort is more than I expected, but prior to this purchase all of my air gun experience was with a cheap wally world plastic thing. I have done most of my hunting with a centerfire rifle. Even after having placed 200 rnds down the barrel. The cocking effort still requires a surface to support the rifle while you prime the system, meaning you can’t prime the system in your arms. Also the females of our group while testing the rifle out had great difficulty gaining a mechanical advantage over the priming system. To be fair they are both short (~5’ 3”). They also had difficulty keeping the rifle on target without a rest, due to the weight. Overall I am quite pleased with my rifle, and for me I find the rifle to be quite up to the tasks I have in mind for it.