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UHC 92 Spring Airsoft Pistol, Black

UHC 92 Spring Airsoft  Pistol, Black Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2011-06-07 09:46:31

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4.0 4.0

By coldguy from USA on 2011-06-07
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Things I liked: It's a fairly accurate plastic replica of a 92f. I have much experience with the actual gun, having been assigned the M9 for many years. This gun is realistic in form and function, and is heavy enough to feel not like a toy. The slide functions, the hammer cocks to the rear, and the trigger is a true DA/SA trigger, although the DA won't fire (you have to cock it, and fire as SA, it is a springer). Firing from SA is a nice, crisp pull with almost no creep at all. Accuracy is really good with .20g BBs for a >$20 gun. I can reliably hit a quarter from 20', with only the occasional flyer.

Things I would have changed: Include more magazines or at least a mag with an internal resevoir and a lockable follower so you can just shake 'n reload. Use the actual safety for a safety, intead of the slide-lock lever. A bit more weight in the front.

What others should know: The safety on this gun is molded into the slide, fixed in the 'fire' position, and they use the slide-lock lever as the safety, engageable only when the hammer is cocked. The one magazine is a full-size, weighted mag, holds 21 rounds, and I don't know if it can be speed-loaded. Use .20g BBs for accuracy. I use this with a Crosman gel dartboard target and can hit the 1" bull from 20'.