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Customer Reviews by Paul H. from USA

Browning Leverage Air Rifle

Browning Leverage Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-07-17 18:09:49

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Paul H. from USA on 2012-07-17
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Things I liked: Just about everything. This is one incredible air rifle for the money. Yes, made in China, however under Browning specs. Browning is very fussy what they attach their name to, which is why I bought this product. Groups under 1" at 35 yards are common. I first used the RWS Superpoint 8.2 gr which grouped well using a pro rifle rest, however with an occassional flyer. So I switched to a heavier pellets for more stabilization, using the Beeman Silver Arrow 11.57 gr, and the Crossman Ultra Magnum 10.5 gr. Wow, no more flyers. I was putting pellets into pellet holes, with both groups under 1" at 35 yards. Cocking was done easily at 28 pounds. The more you shoot this rifle the better it gets. I am into it now for 1100-1200 rounds. The Picatinny rail is definitely the route to go, makes dovetail type receivers so inferior. Scope mounts locked in solid, no drift whatsoever. Scope was also very high quality, crystal clear with the AO, that held zero like a rock. Safety was smooth, got better during break in. Trigger was stiff, however smoothed out over use. Perfect for my use, pest control. Kill 2 woodchucks with it, one at 25 yards, the other at 30+ yards, both with 1 shot. Now picking off field mice at 35 yards off my better half's suet cakes hanging on the fence. I've paid a LOT more for less quality air rifles over the years. This is one well built unit, which is well designed. I'm very impressed with this rifle and I've been sellng guns for 30+ years as an FFL dealer.

Things I would have changed: The wood stock. Would have preferred a streamlined synthetic stock to keep the weight and bulk down. I do not use open sights, so I also would have preferred none at all. I removed the rear open sight and replacaed the open screw holes with screws that fit flush with the barrel, creating a nice clean look.

What others should know: I highly recommend this rifle, period. You won't find a better unit for anywhere near $200 I can assure you that. One tip, when you mount the provided scope, place the rear ring on the last slot on the Picatinny rail, and your front ring on the 4th slot from the front. This will allow you easy access to the breach to load your pellets even with the biggest fingers like mine. It will also provide the majority of shooters the perfect eye relief from the provided scope. Give yourself time to get use to it if your are coming from using a break barrel type rifle and you will adapt nicely. The accuracy of this rifle will blow you away, just incredible. It is also a very quiet rifle, mine did not "twang". The muzzle jump was not noticeable either, a real smooth shooter. Though it's a little heavy at 8.6 pounds, the majority of fixed barrel rifles weigh even more. The Gamo CFX model is lighter, however no where near the quality of this rifle (I own one). However the weight will work for you, helping you to maintain steadiness on those long 40+ yard shots. I strongly recommend using the heavier weight pellets to maintain pellet flight stability. The more you shoot this rifle, the more you will LOVE it. Out of all the air rifles I have bought over the years (14+), this one is one incredible rifle for the money. I will obtain another one now in 22 cal., I am that impressed with it. This rifle is truly an exceptional deal. Thank you Browning for another GREAT product, well done.