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941 UHC 8 inch revolver, Silver

941 UHC 8 inch revolver, Silver Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2011-12-30 18:55:44

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By popeye44 from USA on 2011-12-30
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Things I liked: Love the feel, I got this for my son and he thought it was the Cat's Meow. It's a fun little indoor "trap" shooter with more power than I expected. We've put a couple hundred shots through it and so far it's just fine. For what I paid I expected less.. but I was looking more for a "full size" gun than an air-soft pistol. "it's getting difficult to find toy pistols without them being green or orange etc" So this fit the bill in shape and size. I'm impressed with the overall appearance. I have to mention the adjustable sights. For the price I thought that was incredible, even if they are plastic they move and adjust which I thought was beneficial.

Things I would have changed: Biggest con, it's not double action. Although this is not a show stopper it certainly would have been a nice addition. However I did buy this knowing it was not "someone else reviewed it"

What others should know: If you are looking for something in the size of an 8in barrel revolver this is it. However it is not heavy at all. Being as it's plastic it doesn't weight much. For a younger child who has some experience with firearms this was a good choice. He gets used to using the sights and handling without it being too heavy for him. "10 years old" He likes to set up the targets and shoot just about every day.