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Customer Reviews by Aldeberon from USA

Ruger Air Hawk Combo

Ruger Air Hawk Combo Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-10-31 02:15:34

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Aldeberon from USA on 2012-10-31
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Things I liked: Excellent well balanced rifle. I personally bought this rifle through a local merchant and paid over $140 for it and it is worth any penny. Ruger rifles of this quality can go for as much as $200 range and up. This none CO2 based Ruger can hunt small game at good distance and being break barrel you do not have to be dependant on any extra power source. So if your a deep or distant hunter. This rifle can keep you well fed on rabits and the like.

Things I would have changed: Rifle is excellent all around, but based on its weight. It should come with some type of basic rifle sling and mounts for younger, older and those who are not used to carrying a stock, and Ruger quality rifled barrel. I pesonally love the weight, helps steading the target sights and balancing out the trigger pull.Which is right on for serious target and small game one shot kills.

What others should know: This is not a toy so treat it as any full fire arm. Do not break the barrel if a pellet is loaded at any time. If you even think there has been a miss fire check barrel. This goes without saying that you should allways check the barrel after every shot to make sure its clear for the next breaking. Happy hunting...