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Customer Reviews by Wadcutter from USA

HW 45 LP

Weihrauch HW 45 LP Air gun
Review entered on 2011-03-30 13:55:51

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5.0 5.0

By Wadcutter from USA on 2011-03-30
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Things I liked: First impression, Not a kids toy......... I've shot almost a 500 cnt tin of diablo exacts through this new 22cal. airgun. At 20 yards the groups seem to be getting tighter the more the pistol is shot . The pistol frame is solid. Looks to be made of an aluminum alloy. It has a surprisingly smooth trigger. I never had to adjust it from the factory settings. The pistol is much larger than a colt 1911 but the diamond grips look like they should interchange. It has fiber-optic sights which are bright and have a click adjustment, although the rear sight is a little off canter . Cocking is easy and contrary to what other people have said, this .22 cal does have 2 power levels. Over all it is very comfortable in the hand and fun to shoot. Definitely a keeper

Things I would have changed: OK, here we go....... Move the safety rearward slightly to have easier stronghand thumb access while gripping. Anyone else think this? Maybe someone sells thumb extenders. How about an under barrel rail. Maybe to mount a laser and still be able to use your open sights.....That would be great

What others should know: Even though the black finish on the gun looks good at 12" away. If you take a real close look in the light, you will see very minor sanding/machining marks on the sides of the frame. Also could have ground the mold flashing of the hammer release a little better. Really not a big deal When you fire this pistol, its noticeably springy sounding. You can really tell its a spring piston style. Maybe it will smooth out after a few more rounds. It has a rattle in the cocking arms when you shake it, which i dont see a way to fix. Doesn't effect performance.