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AirForce Self-Centering Tri-Rail, 11mm Dovetail

AirForce Self-Centering Tri-Rail, 11mm Dovetail
Review entered on 2010-07-22 14:57:16

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By Paul from USA on 2010-07-22
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Things I liked: This tri-rail base gives you lots of mounting options and flexibility for your scope, laser, light, etc. I actually bought 2 of them. I have one mounted in the normal position of the "top" rail on my Condor, and I also mounted one on the "forward" rail. The reason? I wanted all the extra mounting configuration options, but I also use the side rails on both the tri-rail I mounted in the "forward" location, and the "top" rail location, for mounting a "large" swivel from the Airforce Swivel Stud set, one on each rail. NOTE: In order to do this, you have to buy (2) Airforce Swivel Stud sets because each set may come with 2 of the small swivels for mounting on the butt of the rifle / HPA tank, but you only get 1 large swivel for mounting on a dovetail. I mounted a large swivel on the side of each tri-rail base, so I could then attach a VTAC quick-disconnect extension to each swivel. From the quick-disconnnections, I can quickly add / remove my nicely-padded VTAC 2-point tactical sling from Viking Tactics. One may ask me why I would want to mount an additional large swivel on the side of the "top" tri-rail base (near my scope), when I could just attach it to the small swivel at the butt of the rifle. The reason I chose to do it this way was so I could keep the sling on and the rifle in a secure and very convenient location for switch out HPA tanks. Otherwise, if I just used the small swivel at the butt of the rifle for the rear attachment of the sling, I would have to remove my sling and set the rifle down when refilling or switching out HPA tanks.

Things I would have changed: I don't think I would change anything on the tri-rail base, but it would be nice if they were a tad bit cheaper. In order to achieve the setup I was after, I had to buy (2) tri-rail bases, which cost me about $66.