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IZH 60 Air Rifle

IZH-Baikal IZH 60 Air Rifle Air rifle
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By Melvin from USA on 2012-12-09
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Things I liked: Most of the materials are fine, light weight, adequate power for short distance target shooting, easy side lever effort, and low decibel report. It's a fine instructional gun for beginning shooters... which is why it was purchased.

Things I would have changed: The "bolt" handle is a heavy gauge wire, bent into an "L"... leaves a lot to be desired. The barrel was mounted crooked on the one I received.

What others should know: I put a Williams rear peep sight on the rifle. The Williams sight has a lot of windage adjustment, but not enough for the rifle I received. The barrel was so far out of alignment with the plastic stock that the Williams sight could not be used. I could look down the barrel and see the fore grip below... very much out of alignment. The stock sights would have worked OK as they are mounted on the barrel, but the much better Williams sight is mounted on the stock behind the barrel. I kept the Williams sight; returned the IZH 60. PA made the return painless. Thank you.