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Diana RWS 48 Striker Combo, TO6 Trigger

Diana RWS 48 Striker Combo, TO6 Trigger Air rifle
Review entered on 2010-04-10 23:07:51

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By hangermayer from USA on 2010-04-10
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Things I liked: I'm a novice regarding airguns., but I did a lot of research before I bought this gun.. After reading lots of posts on airgun forums, here is the bottom line. For competition target shooting, the best guns are the Air Arms TX200 or the Beeman HK97 or 77. However these guns are around $600, w/o the scope. I had about $400 to spend and the RWS was the best gun for the money & rated excellent as a hunting/pest control product. It was rated much better than cheap guns like Gamo CFX. I wanted a fixed barrel because in my mind break-barrels are a bad design. As the hinge point on a break-barrel wears, it's bound to affect the angle the pellet leaves the muzzle, leading to inaccuracy. Any hinge will eventually loosen up, I don't care how well it's made. Supposedly high quality break-barrels don't have this problem, but I think they are just trying to make a bad design work. With a fixed barrel, it's a non-issue. So after a lot of research, I ordered the RWS 48. I paid $409 for the combo package which included a mounted scope, gun case, and shooters glasses. I also ordered the RWS gun cleaning kit for an extra $35. I'd read the barrels of these guns are dirty and need an initial cleaning. That turned out to be true in my case. Don't worry about comments regarding the plastic trigger, safety, and sights on this gun. It seems to be the same high quality plastic Nylon 66/M16s use. Those plastics last forever and never rust.

Things I would have changed: I need to tell you about the scope mounting. One of the things that's a weakness about many RWS guns (including model 48) is that there was no good way to mount a scope. Apparently the scope would move after lots of shooting. People had tried lots of different mounts and there were still lots of complaints. Even the factory mount, called a "C" mount would allow the scope to move which destroys accuracy. Then UTG created a mount specifically for these guns, that has completely solved the problem. After examining the UTG mount Pyramyd sells in this combo, I'm convinced that there is no way this scope will move. It is rock solid. Beware of another popular airgun company that sells an RWS 48 combo package very similar However, they use the crudy factory mounts. Regarding the scope in the Pyramyd package. It's the Leapers Golden Image scope. This scope it's pretty good, but if I had to do it over, I'd get the Leapers 5th generation 3-9X40 ao. You can upgrade to the better scope by paying an extra 25 bucks. Pyramyd doesn't tell you this, you have to ask for the upgrade. I didn't get the upgrade because I really didn't know enough about scopes at the time. One bad thing about Pyramyd, their order takers seemed pretty new to me & really didn't seem to know much about airguns. They were very nice though. Make sure you search the Web for a 10% off coupon. The coupon will save you $40, whereas the free shipping coupon Pyramyd offers is only worth $20.

What others should know: I was afraid of having Pyramyd install the scope for 2 reasons. 1st, I was worried some kids would slap the scope on & round out the screws and/or scratch the gun. 2nd, I was worried the mounted scope would be screwed up from the UPS guys throwing the package around. I needn't have been worried on either account. The scope looks professionally mounted, and the mounting screws look perfect. The wood and the barrel are also perfect. It's a beautiful gun. After focusing the reticule and adjusting the parallax of the scope, I was ready to sight it in. My first shot @ 25 yards was 1/8" off the target. That's pretty good, since I've never shot with a scope. I already have 2 kills. I missed a 3rd, but I flinched on that shot. I should mention, the gun is very heavy, but other guns of this quality are just as heavy or heavier. What it means is that unless you're a power lifter, you can't hold the gun steady to shoot, unless you rest it on something as a brace. Also this gun is loud. Supposedly the Gamo Whisper is just as loud, but I'll say again this gun is loud. W/ RWS Superdomes 8.3 gr it sounds about like a 22 short. Every time I fire it, the dogs next door start barking (100 ft away). I've had my wife shoot the gun from inside through an open window, and it's loud outside. Anybody 300 feet away is going to hear it. However, any other good quality magnum gun is going to be just as loud. So if you want a quiet gun, your going to have to get a pea shooter.