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Customer Reviews by Dana from USA

Crosman PRO77 BB Gun

Crosman PRO77 BB Gun Air gun
Review entered on 2010-06-24 17:02:13

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By Dana from USA on 2010-06-24
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Things I liked: The Crosman Pro77 is a realistic gun and feels good. It is comfortable, a blast to shoot, and realistic whih is one thing you want in a Co2 gun. The magazine is quick to fill and having 18 shots in very nice compared to other guns that have only 8 shots and then reload.

Things I would have changed: The magazine is plastic and I think after a while it will break, not only from it being in close contact with the Co2 cartridge but also just time. Get your self some more magazines, they are inexpensive.

What others should know: The only thing that dissapointed me was the mis-fires. The first time I used this gun was a a range and out of 18 trigger pulls, it fired 5 shots. After that it was hit and miss to how many bb's actually left the chamber. I did not get through an entire magazine without there being a mis-fire and that was dissapointing. The CO2 goes REALLY FAST because of the blowback feature. You get about 36 good shots, or 2 magazines until it is expired and that is it. Get lots of CO2 and lots of BB's..