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Hatsan Torpedo 100X Air Rifle, Walnut

Hatsan Torpedo 100X Air Rifle, Walnut Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-05-26 16:15:11

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5.0 5.0

By Adam from USA on 2012-05-26
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Things I liked: I got one of these in .22 caliber, and let me just say that I am impressed. First of all, the nice checkering, blued steel, brassy trigger, and attractive wood make the rifle itself a very pretty piece. Second, although I initially found it a bit awkward, the bolt-action-style loading port is actually quite fun to use. The whole loading and cocking process makes a very satisfying bunch of mechanical noises. Thirdly, this gun is quite accurate. My groupings were a bit shaky at the start, but after putting a few hundred pellets through it, I can now reliably put shots through the same hole in a .25" bullseye at 10m using the iron sights. The hammer-style safety is intuitive and attractive, and the sights are good. The 11mm/Weaver combination scope rail is also a nice touch.

Things I would have changed: My Torpedo is picky about what fits in its breech. Two kinds of RWS pellets and H&N Barracudas have fit quite nicely, but the H&N Crow Magnums won't fit without a great deal of force applied. The Gamo Rockets I tried also had trouble fitting. I'm curious to see if other people have this issue; maybe this rifle just has a narrower-than-usual breech. Also, to get the irons to function properly I had to adjust the rear sight really far to the left.

What others should know: For me, the best-performing pellets in this gun have been the H&N Hollowpoints, followed by the H&N Barracuda Match pellets. My rifle will shoot either one near-perfectly without adjusting the sights in between. I suspect that at ranges longer than 10m, the Barracudas will do better because of their higher weight. RWS Super-H Points did almost as well as the H&N pellets. The RWS Lead-free Hyper Velocity pellets were also really, really accurate, but they shoot so differently from other pellets that a lot of sight adjustment is necessary to use them.