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Daisy Powerline Model 35 air rifle

Daisy Powerline Model 35 air rifle Air rifle
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By MarineCraft from USA on 2011-05-28
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Things I liked: For the money, not a bad little Air Gun. Efficient, powerful (Shot at a steel Ensure can filled with Ensure at 5 meters and got cleanly through with a nasty exit hole at only five pumps), and more importantly, no trouble hitting the can with iron sights right out of the box.

Things I would have changed: Rifling. This little gun can't get a group less than four inches at bench rest with BB's at 10 meters, and the curve drops drastically after that. This is using the max 10 pump load.

What others should know: Recommend using about a six to seven pump load for distances up to about 20 meters, the 10 pump charge just seems to be too much and anything less seems to fall too short in elevation compensation, relatively. Also as the manufacturer recommends squeeze QUICKLY the trigger without JERKING immediately upon obtaining a good sight picture. This little gun does quite well as an instinct or 'shoot from the hip' type rather than putting too much concentration into each shot. REMEMBER thought it will shoot 274 yards, or more, so be extra careful not to shoot up into trees and such (that's almost three football fields!!!!) Almost as dangerous as a .22 so BE CAREFUL OF YOUR BACKSTOP.