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Customer Reviews by tektite557 from USA

Crosman Storm XT Scoped Air Rifle

Crosman Storm XT Scoped Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2010-10-31 15:28:58

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By tektite557 from USA on 2010-10-31
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Things I liked: Great Gun at first but 750 pellets later, Its firing at half its power, I shook the gun and sure enough the spring inside is broken I can hear it bouncing around. I have had this gun exactly 1yr and 2months now its broke. Guess the 1 yr warranty is about right thats what you'll get! Others may shoot less but I love shooting and now its broke. Still have to contact customer service not sure if it can be fixed but its definately defective! When it worked it was powerful and very accurate. I paid $110.00 for it and could buy a 22 for a little more. I like this for target shooting and the occasional small game. I wouldnt expect most of you to get more than 1200 rnds out of the spring before it breaks which is about 1-2 yrs use! Seeings how I never finished 800 rnds and its all done! Found my reciept but not sure if they will fix it, I will let you know!

Things I would have changed: Make the spring out of better material to last forever. I got a daisy lever action from 1983 still works same spring! Oiled 3 times ever! Must have about 4000 rnds through it!

What others should know: If i would have known Crossman offered the better guns with lifetime warranties I would have bought one of those instead, I guess there called custom airguns not sure if they are like mine or what but you should check into it!