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Beeman Pellet Trap

Beeman Pellet Trap
Review entered on 2010-11-11 05:45:22

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Kevin from USA on 2010-11-11
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Things I liked: First off, I see two products listed at two different prices but that's the only difference...I'll describe mine for (redundant perhaps) clarity. A black metal pellet trap, with 4 critter targets (Orange). Also included was hanging hardware for critters, two types of paper targets about 4 or 6 each (and you've ( scan them and print them off and you've got a buzillion of each) and cardboard target-back for insertion. I shoot 40-80 rounds per day 5 days a week avg. I've had no trouble with it after about 1 month, except that the critter metal targets have flat plates for standing up instead of hanging and I've shot those off the feet of two of them. I don't know why that feature is there (other than a thoughtful bonus from the maker) I never intend to use them except from the hanging position... that's why I bought a trap anyway, not a gallery type. After alI..I did deliberately shoot @ the feet anyway for extra challenge.

Things I would have changed: Maybe stronger steel for the main structure... a minor issue since the pellets will never bust through.The pellets in my .22 cal (air gun) do make a real dent; which pops paint chips a bit. But I bought a two cans of paint (B&W) @ $1.19 ea.: so each session I spray a schpritz of white (white was cheaper than orange) on the hanging targets just like the big boys at competitions and then on the main unit w/ black. Just my Idiosyncrasy...not important.

What others should know: Nothing else to mention, its a simple and straight forward product that does its job. My range is 30 ft w/.22cal. pellets @ appx 550 fps. Its all good.