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Customer Reviews by Phillip from USA

Weihrauch HW50S Breakbarrel Rifle

Weihrauch HW50S Breakbarrel Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-04-27 08:27:05

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By Phillip from USA on 2012-04-27
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Things I liked: This is my third air rifle that I have owned as a adult and by far the best.It is accurate,just the right size and power.The HW50s has very nice open sights and I plan on leaving it that way,maybe a peep sight down the road.So far it likes cheap daisy pellets,Beeman FTS,Beeman Kodiak HP,Kodiak 21.14 Grain tapered dome.It does not like the Benjamin Discovery Pellets,they group at over 2 inches at 10 meters.

Things I would have changed: The only thing I would change is how the stock is mounted or tighten up the tolerances on the machining of the stock.With the stock screws loosened I can move the breech and barrel forward and aft at least 1/8 inch.This may not seem like a big deal but even when the screws are tightened down extremely tight the stock still moves after 20 to 30 shots until it makes contact with the metal in front of the pivot bolt.On my gun it actually broke a piece of the stock off on the left side and cracked the right side.I made a shim to fill in the front mounting screw hole and now the stock seems to be staying put.I have read of one other person having the same issues.

What others should know: Remove and degrease the stock screws,apply some blue loctite and check to make sure the stock is not moving