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Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle, T06 Trigger

Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle, T06 Trigger Air rifle
Review entered on 2014-03-25 15:21:03

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5.0 5.0

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By Nick from USA on 2014-03-25
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Things I liked: I have had this rifle (in.22 caliber) for about three weeks. The rifle came well packaged and double boxed. The wood and metal were very well done. The T06 metal trigger is superb and was adjusted perfectly for me by the factory. The open sights are good-the rear sight is adjustable with very positive clicks. Some people have commented that it is a heavy rifle, but if you are shooting off-hand, the weight is a plus as it helps in steadying the rifle. Part of my reason for buying this rifle was to practice for my muzzleloading shoots, as all shooting is offhand and I can practice sight alignment and trigger control without having to clean a blackpowder rifle after.

Things I would have changed: The fiber optic sights are good, but if the front sight was a bit smaller diameter you would have a finer sight picture, useful on more distant targets. A rubber butt pad would be nice. These points are nit picky, though.

What others should know: Expect to spend some time breaking it in. I have approximately 200 pellets through it and it is just now at the point where it is throwing fewer flyers, and groups are tightening. I have not found it to be too fussy about hold. I hold it rather snugly to my shoulder and get a good cheek weld, with the forend resting on my open palm. The fact that the rifle is heavy may contribute to the relative lack of fussiness in hold. It is still very stiff and needs some serious cocking effort but either it is getting easier,or I'm just getting stronger! The forend stock screws WILL loosen. Do yourself a favor right away and take down the rifle, degrease the screws and the threads they mate with and use some blue loctite on the screws. I have not yet found the trigger guard screw to loosen. I have used RWS Meisterlugeln and Superdomes, as well as Crosman Premiers, so far. The RWS pellets seem to be an almost perfect fit to the bore, while the Crosmans are a much tighter fit, and are harder to fully seat. I will probably try some others when I see better consistency between successive groups. Overall I am pleased with the rifle. I believe it is good value for the money, and very well built. I gave it 4 stars for accuracy simply because it hasn't been shot enough yet to make that determination. When the rifle has broken in further such that groups are more repeatable and I've tried some additional types of pellets, I will bench rest it and I may update this review.