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Customer Reviews by hoss4902 from USA

Diana RWS 34P air rifle

Diana RWS 34P air rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2007-08-13 13:52:56

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By hoss4902 from USA on 2007-08-13
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Things I liked: This air rifle is amazing! Before I bought this gun I owned a winchester 1000sb and I thought that air guns were just inaccurate. That was until I bought the RWS 34 Panther. Just with iron sites I was holding 1-1.5 inch groups at about 60 feet. The workmanship on this gun is also amazing; they are right when they say German made air guns are the best. As soon as you pick up this air rifle you can just feel how sturdy and well made it is. When I ordered the gun I thought that the synthetic stock would be some cheap plastic but once I got it I realized it is actually very solid and strong. Another thing I also noticed was the trigger. On my last air gun the trigger was very shaky and just felt cheap. But on the RWS 34 Panther the trigger is sturdy and just feels good when you pull it. I also really like the raised rail on the RWS. On most air gun the rail is just engraved into the top of the gun, and therefor does not hold a scope very well. When on the RWS the rail is nice a big and holds a scope perfectly. The rear iron sight (which does all the elevation/windage) is a strong metal that you can trust compared to the plastic sites on most other air guns. As you probably already know the price is also great. AMAZING gun!!!!

Things I would have changed: The safety on the rear end of the gun is a little hard to use and just could of been made a little better.

What others should know: Use a one piece mount if you plan on putting a scope on. The two piece ones don't hold up to the unique recoil that a air gun has (a air gun has a backward and forward recoil). Trust me; I blew through 2 two piece mounts before I finally found a one piece.