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Customer Reviews by George from USA

Gamo Silent Cat

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air rifle
Review entered on 2014-02-19 10:30:19

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By George from USA on 2014-02-19
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Things I liked: This beast is a tack driver! A little background on me, I am a retired USArmy shooting instructor, I have extensive range time, and logged (who knows how many hours behind a trigger) and this gun, for as little as I paid is flawlessly accurate! I have a range set up at 10m, 20m, and 50m. I sighted the stock scope in at 10m using redfire gamo rounds (had to adjust the reticle for clarity)and it sighted in perfectly within 2 shots. I did however swap scopes for a more powerful adjustable once i learned how accurate this weapon was down range. With my swapped scope (a mediocre 3-9x40 mildot) At 10m I shot a 5 shot grouping within a 1/2" 3 of which were same hole shots. I stepped a new target off to 20m using the same redfire rounds i upped the grouping to 5 shots within 3/4" with variable 5-7mph winds. My curiosity and amazement sent my target out to 50m! Yes 50m, where I shot the 1" orange center out of my target with 5 more rounds and zero strays. I am absolutely AMAZED! This was all done from the prone stance using sadbags for relief.

Things I would have changed: out of the box the iron sight was loose, but with the turn of a hex key this was remedied. I would love to see a bi-pod made for these weapons that is stock-mounted instead of the barrel pincher type. Lastly, the thumbhole has a seam in the molding that wears a blister after a few hundred rounds (i took some 500grit paper to mine and fixed it in under a minute) all in all for 150$ I am not complaining for a minute over this premium plinker! I recommend Mil-Dot scope in the future to allow a shooter to use various gamo rounds without the need for doping the scope to each round, on a dotted reticle we could just count our MOA dots to compensate for lighter rounds. Example: the redfire being sighted dead on the crosshairs, if I switch to PBA I have to aim 3MOA left and 2MOA high.

What others should know: I see a couple reviews about this gun where people say "its inaccurate" or "the scope sucks" etc.. It begs me to question the accuracy, as stated above, I am a trained shooter and at 50m am putting 5 shot groups in a 1" pattern.. I am aware that machines can have defects from time to time but lets face it: could this be from the operator not knowing what he/she is doing?? The scope swap was done on my part not for lack of accuracy, rather I prefer mil-dot as this is what I was trained with, and prefer adjustable for long range shooting. In closing, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED with this purchase. Even months later this gun continues to amaze me! It is hands down, one of my favorites.